2018 - Hollow Ground  LP  JAG310

2017 - Alien Sunset  EP  JAG309

2016 - Don't Want To Say Goodbye 45RPM RNDY-18

2015 - At Home CASSETTE DT59

Management: Josh Iden

“The cut worm forgives the plough.” – from William Blake’s Proverbs of Hell

European Booking: Clemence Renaut

US Publicity: Jim DeLuca

Cut Worms is the nom de plume of Max Clarke, assumed while studying illustration at Chicago's Columbia College. Relocating to New York City in October 2015, Cut Worms soon began generating tremendous buzz with the stark, timeless honesty of his demo recordings as well as incomparable live performances, showcasing a powerful vocal talent equally compelling for its vulnerability, which calls to mind greats like The Everly Brothers, Harry Nilsson, and Buddy Holly.

Cut Worms latest album, Hollow Ground, was released in May 2018 on Jagjaguwar.

North American Booking: Carly James


EU Publicity: Michelle Kambasha